Niagara Falls 28.09.2013

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There is no just NYC which worth visiting in NY state, but also nature sights. E.g. there are so many waterfalls there. Big and small, beautiful and not so beautiful. Or Finger lakes. There you can find amazing Watkins Glen Park. Unfortunately it's a bit away, so I didn't manage to put it in my itinerary. Though the main waterfall to visit is Niagara. The most convenient way to get there was a plane from JFK. The flight itself was just 40 minutes. However in ticket is was specified as 1.5h. Well, but I really spent 1.5h in a plane, as 50 minutes we were waiting our turn to start the flight (:

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On the other side of the waterfall there is Canadian city Toronto. Though it was not possible to visit it without Canadian visa. People say that the view from there is much better, as from American side you're looking at it right from the border, and from there you have a panoramic view. There is even an option to go and see the waterfall from the ground. It really impresses. Or to ride a ship and see it from the water. In both cases you have no chance to stay dry even as all the visitors get rain coat.

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The city looks quite a periphery. Everything falls asleep in the early evening. A lot of houses with veranda and rocking chair. Just like in a typical movie (:
In the evening they turn on illumination on the waterfall. It looks truly amazing. Though form Canadian side it looks much better, therefore here is photo from the internet (:

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  • Марат (30/09/2013 02:16)
    Насколько я понял, ниагарский водопад тебя не впечатлил?
    • rush (30/09/2013 01:52)
      Ну нет, когда смотришь на такой поток воды, особенно у подножия водопада, оно, конечно, впечатляет. Но место уж слишком распиарено и впечатления не всегда могут совпасть с ожиданиями (: