Frankfurt sightseeing 30.08.2012

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There is no strict city border (like Moscow Ring Road, though it’s not true for Moscow anymore due to recent border enchancement). Streets are clean and I was surprised that I met a lot of tourists. Even some Russians.
Though most of the buildings are modern. Just a few blocks are from the old times (I wasn’t there yet). One of old building is Alter Oper (was built more than a century ago, but was damaged during WWII and restored only in 1980s).

Photo 19
Photo 19

There are many hight scrapers in the cite centre:

Photo 20
Photo 20

One of the popular tourist sight is Main Tower.

Photo 21

5 euro and you are on top of this building. 200+ meters high =)

Photo 22
Photo 22
Photo 23
Photo 23

Then there is train station and Deutsche Bank twin towers. It looks much more interesting from top

Photo 24
Photo 24
Photo 25
Photo 25

Despite popular opinion that people in Europe go sleep at 8 in the evening, it's quite crowdy till about 11. A lot of cyclists, runners. Europe is being healthy :)
A couple of photos of central walking street Zeil at about 11 in the evening. It's something like Moscow Arbat, but a bit more crowdy. Though it also depends on the day; The day before yesterday it was so full, I barely could pass it. Yesterday it was just like on a photo:

Photo 26

There are too many wild animals inside the city. In the park right next to Deutsche Bank twin towers I met rabbits family (not just one lost rabbit, but the whole family, who lives there):

Photo 27
Photo 27

The view from the river is very picturesque in the night time:

Photo 28



  • Yulia (01/09/2012 02:24)
    слушай а с высотки, прямо видно что город-то не большой...
  • Marat (04/09/2012 03:03)
    Много не пей, плохих компаний сторонись
  • Рус (06/09/2012 02:14)
    Деревьев много вроде. Зеленый город?
    Как там с кислородом в черте города?
    • rush (06/09/2012 03:16)
      Деревьев очень много. Воздух достаточно чистый, не деревенский, конечно, но жить можно =)
  • Рус (06/09/2012 02:15)
    Фотка там где ты смахивает на фотошоп :) может ты ге нить сидишь в Калуге на обучении и обзорчики пишешь?:)
    А фотки из гугла
    • rush (06/09/2012 03:27)
      Вот, блин, спалился =)
      Только Калуга - это очень круто. Туда только после трёх лет стажа отправляют. :)
  • Marat (06/09/2012 03:48)
    Неужели Оренбург так преобразился?