Lists: Useless facts

Instead of "Once upon a time" many Korean folktales begin with "Back when tigers used to smoke"
Snow-white Greek and Roman sculptures were really painted. However the paint didn't survived to our days. German archaeologist accidentally found still painted sculptures in 19th century. Before that people didn't know that.wikipedia
Vomitorium wasn't designed by ancient Romans as a room for vomiting. It's just an exit from amphitheaters and stadia from Latin "vomō" ("to spew forth").wikipedia
One of the biggest Turks victories in Austro-Turkish War happened due to drunk incident. Austrian soldiers started a friendly drunk fight, but somehow some people started to think Turks started to attack and the entire Austrian army simply ran away. Turks win with not a single soldier lost. Wikipedia description is hilarious.wikipedia
Cockchafer soup was a quite delicacy in Germany and France until the mid-1900s. Who could've imagined that.wikipedia
In 1184 there was a deadly fecal incident in Erfurt. Nobles across the Holy Roman Empire came to a meeting in a room at the Church of St. Peter. Unfortunately their combined weight caused the floor to collapse into the latrine beneath the cellar and led to dozens of nobles drowning in liquid excrementwikipedia
Lizard can't run and breath simultaneously. It has to stop to take a breath. Cause body bends during run and there's not enough space for the air.wikipedia
0.9999(9) == 1. Math proved that.wikipedia
There are Abkhazians of African descent. I have to visit those villages some day.wikipedia
South Koreans believe if you sleep in a bedroom with fan on and window closed, you probably won't survive the night.wikipedia