Books list

The Comedians (novel)Graham Greene1966 ×
Journey into the WhirlwindYevgenia Ginzburg1967 ×
Children of GebelawiNaguib Mahfouz1959It's an interesting book. Shows world religions from unusual angle. Leaves some ideas to think about.
The StrangerAlbert Camus1942The simplicity of the text is really a thing here. It's also not possible to stay as an observer with plot like that. Even if you didn't want to, you start to try the situation in the book on yourself. The story ends way too fast. I had a feeling that the author decided to cut all the possible moments and leave as much as possible to the reader thought.
ShantaramGregory David Roberts2003Very fascinating read. From description you might have an impression that it's autobiography, but it's not. It's a fiction novel based on some author life stories. Anyway, it has a great description how different cultures meet each other, how a man can integrate himself in foreign society and a great experience of the man in the book. Plot twist in a couple of places is very unexpected and even shocking. If you enjoy travel, India and Middle East, that's a definite must read. One of the best book I've read in a while.
Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes (ru)Guzel Yakhina2015A great book about a strong woman going through dekulakization and harsh life in exile. It also touches curious details of peasant life and way people used to think back then. Based on experience of authors grandmother (!). You really live the moments through the book and feel it. Definitely worth to read.
Don QuixoteMiguel de Cervantes1605Breathtaking first book. Must read. I just couldn't stop until I finished it. Unexpected plot twists, interesting details of the contemporary life. Second book is less exciting (the author even put an ironic note about it there). Well, sometimes I even wanted to stop, but just made it to the end as I had to. May be if I'd made a longer break between books it'd be better. ×
This Is Going to HurtAdam Kay2017A great book. Part of it is very funny, another part made me think about doctors job and health system, as it shows a lot of hidden moments normally you simply don't mention. It might seem a bit boring in the beginning, but the longer you read the harder to stop until you reach the end.
City of endless nightMilo Hastings1920Very interesting book. Anti-utopian world and its society is described in a great way, the ideas of the hierarchy are impressing. I really enjoyed it. Also was very interesting to get an impression on what was considered as ideals and anti-ideals in the beginning of the previous century. Definitely recommend.
ShahnamehFerdowsi1000Book of Kings. It was very interesting experience. Even though sometimes I had an impression that the same plot twist was used over and over again. Sometimes it gave amazing clues on peoples traditions and thinking over a thousand years ago. Definitely recommend.
Orphans of the HelixDan Simmons1999A bit boring story. A lot of attention is paid to unnecessary details, while interesting part is describer way too briefly. Worth reading only if you have nothing else to do :) ×
Seven Years in TibetHeinrich Harrer1953 ×
CityClifford D. Simak2006 ×
Way StationClifford D. Simak0 ×
Razor's EdgeIvan Yefremov0 ×
The Green MileStephen King1999 ×
The Lost WorldArthur Conan Doyle1912 ×
A Clockwork OrangeAnthony Burgess1962 ×
Lust for LifeIrving Stone1934 ×
DuneFrank Herbert1965 ×
HyperionDan Simmons0 ×
The TerrorDan Simmons2007 ×
Doctor ZhivagoBoris Pasternak0 ×
The Headless HorsemanThomas Mayne Reid0 ×
The Remains of the DayKazuo Ishiguro1989The language in this book is very interesting. It seems to me, that author created extremely accurate atmoshpere of an old English house with butlers and servants.
A Briefer History of Time (Hawking and Mlodinow book)Stephen Hawking2012 ×
A Brief History of TimeStephen Hawking2010 ×
The Face of AnotherKōbō Abe0 ×
The IdiotFyodor Dostoyevsky0 ×
Le Papillon des étoilesBernard Werber0 ×
West of EdenHarry Harrison (writer)0 ×
Damnation AlleyRoger Zelazny1969 ×
The Last of the MohicansJames Fenimore Cooper1826 ×
All the King's MenRobert Penn Warren1968 ×
Lord of LightRoger Zelazny1967 ×
American GodsNeil Gaiman0 ×
Water MarginShi Nai'an1589 ×
The Flanders PanelArturo Pérez-Reverte0 ×
AnathemNeal Stephenson2008 ×
The Doomed City1988 ×
The Golden AssApuleius0 ×
Anna KareninaLeo Tolstoy0 ×
The Diamond AgeNeal Stephenson1995 ×
The Winter QueenBoris Akunin1998 ×
Just for funLinus Torvalds , David Dimond 2001I don't think that a lot of people will like the book about a Finnish student who wrote a Linux kernel, but I really enjoyed it. Very interesting.
UbikPhilip K. Dick1969 ×
A Scanner DarklyPhilip K. Dick1977 ×
SteppenwolfHermann Hesse1927 ×
Tunnel in the SkyRobert A. Heinlein1955 ×
Atlas ShruggedAyn Rand1957A very complicated novel. I've tried to read it for a long time. In the middle of the book it was quite boring in some places. But the last part did it right and the overall impression is absolutely amazing. It really makes you think and the things in the book. Even 2-3 weeks after I finished the book I still was thinking about different parts of the book. It's tough but worth it.
IslandAldous Huxley1962 ×
The TrialFranz Kafka1925 ×
The Man Who LaughsVictor Hugo1869 ×
The Hunchback of Notre-DameVictor Hugo1831 ×
The ProphetKahlil Gibran1923 ×
The Days Taha Hussein1950 ×
The Wedding of ZeinTayeb Salih1962Well, no surprise, but the book it about the wedding. However it allows you to have a look at the life and the way of thinking of locals from their side. It's better to read together with "Season of migration to North"
Season of Migration to the NorthTayeb Salih1966The author shows the difference between Arab East and West in a very beautiful and precise way. You really live the book and can't stop reading until you finish it.
Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!Richard Feynman1985I saw a lot of positive reviews on this book that's why I decided to read it. Sometimes it was interesting, sometimes it was a bit boring. Either the reviews were higher than the book deserves, either I just finished a very good book, it didn't meet my expectation.
Ghost in the WiresKevin Mitnick2011One of the world most famous computer crackers tells the story of his life. The plot is very interesting. And one can find something to learn about from this book.
The Master and Margarita Mikhail Bulgakov1940Amazing thing. One can't stop to read it. However to my surprise I didn't find myself trying to think about the book or find some meaning once I finished it.
The Lord of the RingsJ.R.R. Tolkien1955It's a classic. Books (and movies as well) are amazing.
A Thousand Splendid SunsKhaled Hosseini2007If you won't put your attention to some political points in the book it's very good. About tough women life in the Middle East. Very, very interesting.
The Twelve ChairsIlya Ilf , Yevgeny Petrov1928Amazing humour by Ilf and Petrov. You can read and re-read it again and again.
The Kite RunnerKhaled Hosseini2003Interesting book about Afghanistan written by Afghan writer who was moved to USA while he was a kid about 10-11 years old.
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the GalaxyDouglas Adams1979Funny novel for a couple of evenings. Nothing more than that.
Slaughterhouse-Five, or The Children’s CrusadeKurt Vonnegut1969A very strange book. I've heard a lot of recommendations to read the book, but either I didn't understand it, either it's not my kind of books. I understand it's a war, they send extremely young people there. But hardly understandable intersection of reality and unreality made me feel strange and was a bit unpleasant. ×
One-storeyed America Ilya Ilf , Yevgeny Petrov1937I decided to read the book cause of preparation to my trip to USA. The book was written already 80 years ago, but some things are still the same. Vivid language by Ilf and Petrov makes the book even more interesting.
Animal Farm: A Fairy StoryGeorge Orwell1945"All are equal but some are more equal" -- this is from this book. Ideas of Russian Revolution and Soviet Union raw. From which the book was pictured. Must read.
A Ticket to Tranai Robert Sheckley1955That short story is simply genius. From the first word till the last sentence. Must read without any doubt.
1984George Orwell1949One of the best anti-utopia I've read. Unfortunately too many stuff from this thing turns real nowadays. Definitely worth to read. I would say even must to read.
Picture ThisJoseph Heller1988 ×
NightfallIsaac Asimov1941 ×
El coronel no tiene quien le escribaGabriel Garcia Marquez1961 ×
RiverworldPhilip José Farmer1971 ×
The Little Golden CalfIlya Ilf , Yevgeny Petrov1931
Monday Begins on SaturdayArkady and Boris Strugatsky1964
Таис Афинская Ivan Yefremov1973 ×
Das GlasperlenspielHermann Hesse1943 ×
The First Men in the MoonH.G. Wells1901 ×
The War in the AirH.G. Wells1908 ×
The Time Machine H.G. Wells1895 ×
The Invisible ManH.G. Wells1897
The War of the WorldsH.G. Wells1897 ×
The Cookie MonsterVernor Vinge2003 ×
A Fire upon the DeepVernor Vinge1992 ×
Rainbows EndVernor Vinge2006 ×
A Deepness in the SkyVernor Vinge1999 ×
DiscworldTerry Pratchett1983 ×
StoriesLu Xun1936 ×
Frost and FireRay Bradbury1946 ×
The Gift of the MagiO. Henry1906
A Farewell to ArmsErnest Hemingway1929 ×
Caucasian stories Vladimir Ikskul' 1900 ×
The Hobbit, or There and Back AgainJ.R.R. Tolkien1937
Great ExpectationsCharles Dickens1861 ×
The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick ClubCharles Dickens1837 ×
Баязет Valentin Pikul1960 ×
IL DecameroneGiovanni Boccaccio1351 ×
Stories Rynosuke Akutagawa1927 ×